CHES offers programs for high-achieving senior students

Study an accelerated subject with CHES as part of your VCE program.

Students who are accepted into CHES will study one subject with us while remaining enrolled at their school for the balance of their VCE program. This exciting opportunity enables students to access an accelerated and enriching academic program without the need to leave their current school or their peers and teachers.

Students participating in Higher Education Studies or a VCE subject through CHES will remain enrolled at their chosen government school. Students are supported to undertake a course at CHES as part of their overall VCE program. This dual enrolment approach values and preserves a student’s established relationships within their local school community, while providing them with access to significantly expanded learning opportunities through CHES.

Higher Education Studies

CHES is proud to announce our partnerships with universities on the Higher Education Studies page.

Our university partners share a strong commitment to maximise higher education opportunities for students and to reach a diverse range of high-achieving students from right across Victoria.

At CHES, we provide a university-like environment combined with supports and safety nets that can foster success for senior secondary students.

In addition to a physical and virtual learning environment, CHES students can access mentoring and supports to help with the transition to early university study, and our HES programs will typically incorporate on-campus classes and activities at the universities.

In partnership with universities, CHES is a hub for Higher Education Studies (HES). These first-year university subjects will be offered across a wide range of disciplines. HES can contribute ATAR points and potential university credits, while you are completing VCE at school. This offers a valuable head start into university.

The time requirement for a HES is equivalent to a VCE Unit 3/4 subject and there may be pre-requisite (or co-requisite) VCE subjects related to the selected HES.

Key Information

Handbook on VCE Studies Algorithmics and Extended Investigations

Factsheet – Introduction for students and families

VCE Algorithmics & VCE Extended Investigation

CHES is also specialising in select VCE Extended Investigation and VCE Algorithmics, which are subjects of great appeal to high-ability students.

VCE Algorithmics is a ‘Higher Education Scored Study’, which means that it’s designed to be the equivalent of a first-year university subject and some universities offer accelerated pathways and credits for completion and, at the same time, students can attain a VCE study score for Algorithmics that may contribute to the ATAR. Algorithmics provides students with an understanding of skills necessary to succeed in careers that involve Computer Science and Software Engineering.

VCE Extended Investigation enables students to develop, refine and extend knowledge and skills in independent research and to carry out an investigation that focuses on a rigorous research question. The skills that students develop in VCE Extended Investigation are essentially transferable to university studies because critical thinking and effective research skills are central to university courses.

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