accessing ches programs online

Students enrolled into CHES will need to log in to the CHES Learning Management System (Compass) and Virtual Environment (Canvas) to engage in lessons and programs, access curriculum, communicate with teachers and submit work online regularly. You are expected to participate in various aspects of the online courses, including virtual classes, forums and interactive activities.

To have the best experience at CHES, you need a device that is able to join live classes with a camera and a microphone. It can be beneficial to use a headset microphone for better audio quality, but in-built device microphones can also be used. It is also recommended that you have a device with a physical keyboard to easily take notes and respond to communication. Most desktops or laptops are compatible with our CHES Learning Management Systems.

Please note that a smartphone, tablet or Chromebook is insufficient to meet the needs of CHES programs. Where possible, it is recommended that more than one device is available if more than one student is enrolled at CHES from the same family.

Minimum  Specifications

In terms of minimum technical specifications, it is recommended that students have a device that is able to: 

  • access the internet
  • run Windows 10 or Mac OSX 10.13
  • Have a core i5 processor (or greater)
  • minimum 6 hours battery life
  • minimum 4Gb RAM
  • include HDMI or display port
  • have a full size physical keyboard
  • run a current web browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari or Chrome)
  • run programs to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • enable the use of a web camera and headset
  • install subject specific software where needed (please see individual subject information in CHES Handbook)
  • be brought to school in a protective case.

The effective use of digital technologies is central to our goal of empowering students to be forward-thinking. At CHES we seek to strengthen provision for high-ability and high-achieving senior students across Victoria and to that end the use of digital technologies and virtual environments is crucial to improving access to tertiary courses and making enrichment and extension opportunities available state-wide, including for students in rural and regional areas.

To enable equitable access to CHES programs for students, we harness technology to support the delivery of programs in CHES, and via virtual platforms for students unable to physically attend. We deploy a hy-flex approach to program delivery at CHES—flexibility in student attendance onsite will be supported through the use of digital resources and the virtual platform, enabling innovative teaching and learning and student collaboration, irrespective of their location.  

Digital technologies enable our students to interact with and create high quality content, resources and tools. It also enables personalised learning tailored to students’ particular needs and interests and transforms assessment, reporting and feedback, driving new forms of collaboration and communication. CHES firmly believes that the use of digital technologies fosters the development of valuable skills and knowledge and prepares students to thrive in our globalised and inter-connected world. Our vision is to empower students to use digital technologies safely and appropriately to reach their personal best and fully equip them to make significant contributions to society.

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Apply now for a 2023 ches subject in your vce.

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