overview of cheS programs

CHES specialises in two VCE studies—Extended Investigation and Algorithmics—and nineteen Higher Education Studies in partnership with universities.

This ‘head start’ enables high-achieving students to undertake a university subject that aligns to their skills and interests.

Students who successfully complete a CHES subject or program can receive ATAR points and credits towards an undergraduate course (university credits) while they are completing their VCE studies.

CHES programs are designed to accelerate the transition to university for students, build student confidence, strengthen their credentials, and provide opportunities to make new connections and friendships across a network of high-achieving students. Students enrolled in a VCE subject with CHES or a Higher Education Study through CHES will have exclusive access to our Student Enrichment Series of masterclasses and mentoring provided by our university partners.

There is no enrolment cost. CHES programs are free for government school students.

CHES programs are available online and on-site through a hybrid and flexible approach to scheduling and timetabling courses.

extension & acceleration

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Higher Education Studies

In partnership with universities, CHES will become a hub for Higher Education Studies (HES). These first-year university subjects will be offered across a wide range of disciplines. HES can contribute ATAR points and potential university credits, while students complete VCE at school. This offers a valuable head start into university. The time requirement for a HES is equivalent to a VCE Unit 3&4 subject sequence and there may be pre-requisite (or co-requisite) VCE subjects related to the selected HES.

VCE Extended Investigation

This exciting subject enables students to carry out extensive research in an area of choice based on their interests. Students will be supported to develop and refine research skills, critical thinking, academic writing and presentation capabilities, offering excellent preparation for university.

VCE Algorithmics

Although technically a VCE subject, Algorithmics is a first-year university subject (Higher Education Scored Study) that involves solving real-world problems using computational methods. Algorithmics provides the foundation for studying computer science and software engineering at tertiary level and, on completion, some universities may offer students an accelerated tertiary pathway.

Student Enrichment Series

Students who undertake a HES study or a VCE subject through CHES will also have access to our Student Enrichment Series which includes workshops, masterclasses, special events and mentoring opportunities with a range of universities and industry leaders.

CHES Studies

enrolment applications for ches programs will re-open soon.

Enrolment Information

CHES offers a range of programs for high-achieving senior secondary students.

Applications are now open for enrolment into a CHES program. Apply Now.

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