To provide a solid foundation for future study of VCE Algorithmics and VCE Extended Investigation, CHES offers specialised electives for high-achieving Year 10 students. Each of these electives are one semester in length with flexible study options. Students can study more than one of these electives but will complete one each semester.

These electives are not intended to replace electives that students may be taking at their base school in Year 10 but instead they provide enrichment and extension beyond the school curriculum. Students will be expected to complete 2 or 3 hours of hy-flex learning each week (for the 15-week semester).

key information

Key information

Factsheet – English Language Units 1 – 4

Factsheet – Specialist Mathematics Units 1 – 4

Factsheet – Extended Investigation Units 3 & 4

Factsheet – VCE Application process and FAQs

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