meeting the needs of high ability students

CHES is leading professional learning for teachers in primary and secondary schools across Victoria in meeting the needs of high-ability students.

We are partnering with Deakin University in developing and offering high-quality professional learning programs for teachers across Victoria through a hy-flex approach and virtual platform.

The focus of our programs is on:

  • introducing the DET High-ability Toolkit
  • guiding teachers in identifying and supporting high-ability students
  • differentiating curriculum, assessment and teaching practices
  • establishing and maintaining a whole school culture that fosters high-achievement.

Our professional learning programs will be piloted in Term 4, 2022.

In 2023 will hold a series of 1.5 day professional learning programs for primary and secondary teachers on the high-impact teaching strategies for high-ability students.

There will be an emphasis on practical differentiation strategies. Led by Deakin University, our professional learning programs are intended to include action research and professional observations using 360-degree video recordings.  

In 2023, CHES will offer courses to:

  • support teachers and school leaders to identify high ability students within their schools
  • understand their needs and the best ways to support these students to realise their potential.

These are day-long courses with follow-up half day consolidation session to assess the impact of interventions.

Courses have been co-designed with a range of school-based staff to reflect the needs of teachers and leaders across the state.

Our three programs will be for:

  • Primary school teachers
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Middle and senior school leaders

Stay tuned for updates on our state-wide Professional Learning programs with Deakin University.