CHES is a future-focused centre of excellence.

“High ability students are the next generation of leaders, problem solvers and innovators. Society as a whole will benefit from these students being given every opportunity to reach their full potential” Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Gifted and Talented Education.

The Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) is a new centre of excellence designed to further improve educational outcomes for high-achieving and high-ability students across Victoria.

CHES provides accelerated programs for senior students from government secondary schools.

We offer specialised programs on-site and online through a $27.5 million state-of-the-art facility in South Yarra.

Our innovative virtual learning environment enables our students to study at CHES from anywhere in Victoria.

As a co-educational centre of excellence in senior secondary education, we’re committed to:

  • providing enrichment and extension opportunities to stretch and challenge students;
  • expanding access to first-year university studies (Higher Education Studies) for high-ability and high-achieving government school students.

This includes:

  • students in metropolitan, rural, regional, and remote areas
  • students with disadvantaged backgrounds
  • strengthening teacher capacity across Victoria to meet the needs of high-ability and high-achieving students.

About CHES


CHES is a direct response to the Victorian government’s commitment to Excellence and Equity, including extension, acceleration and enrichment for high-ability students. It expands upon the existing state-wide Victorian High-Ability Program and the Victorian Challenge & Enrichment Series.

At CHES, we aim to foster and inspire the full development of senior secondary students—academically, intellectually, socially and emotionally—and we are a catalyst for new ways of learning that bridge secondary school and tertiary education. At CHES we celebrate the talents and strengths of our students and provide them with a safe and stimulating space to extend their learning.

To support students across the state, we use a ‘hy-flex’ learning model. CHES students can learn on-site, online or a blend of both through our high-tech and flexible specialist spaces.

Our approach to teaching and learning is co-designed with universities and is based on empowering students to take ownership of their learning within a mature learning environment. We also offer enrichment programs for students, including mentoring and masterclasses, presentations and conversations with academics, experts and leaders.

Our Vision

The Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) is a state-wide centre of excellence with an effective framework for developing partnerships with universities to encourage and nurture high-achieving and high-ability students across Victoria and provides support to teachers across the state.

Our Mission

The mission of CHES is to excite and develop the full intellectual, social and emotional potential of high-achieving and high-ability senior students by delivering a suite of programs to stretch, challenge and enhance their learning, with access to leading expertise, practices, and technology in our purpose-built facility.

At CHES, we aim to be a bridge between:

  • school and university
  • metropolitan, rural and regional schools
  • students and teachers
  • research and learning
  • reaching and achieving

About CHES

Our Values

Our Values

We Reach

CHES is a place to extend learning. To challenge, push and transcend traditional ways of thinking. We aim to develop the full intellectual, social and emotional potential of students and with the right spaces, strategies and staff in place, this is where high-ability students can scale even greater heights.

We Connect

CHES fosters connections through collaboration between staff and students, among students, and through a new education model that bridges secondary and tertiary study. At CHES, we share skills, knowledge, and academic journeys. Through new connections, we aim to spark new ideas and give rise to new possibilities.

We Understand

CHES is not only an educational institution focused on greater academic achievement but is also a place to find emotional understanding. With high-achieving peers and nurturing staff, CHES students are engaged and empowered, drawn together from varied backgrounds to create a scholarly community that is active, open and kind.

The underlying essence of these three values is that we are forward thinking.  At CHES, we think ahead.

Introducing Stewart Milner

Meet Our Principal

The foundation principal of CHES is Stewart Milner.

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