Algorithmics is a ‘Higher Education Scored Study’

Algorithmics is the only subjects of its kind in the VCE.  It is a ‘Higher Education Scored Study’ so it is designed to be the equivalent of a first-year university subject and some universities offer accelerated pathways and credits for completion. At the same time, students can attain a VCE study score for Algorithmics that contributes to the ATAR.

Algorithmics provides a structured framework for solving real-world, practical problems with computational methods. It is fundamental to computer science and software engineering and is essential for understanding the technical underpinnings of our information society. Further, it provides a methodical way to approach complex problem-solving in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and other disciplines that benefit from analytical problem-solving and formal reasoning. Computing is central to our society and economy and drives innovation across many fields of human endeavour.

VCE Algorithmics examines how information about the world can be systematically represented and how the processes can be made precise enough to be implemented in a computer program. The focus is not on coding but on ‘algorithmic thinking’. Algorithmics covers systematic methods for analysing real-world problems and identifying the key aspects that need to be modelled to find a solution.

Algorithmics also covers deeper topics in computer science such as artificial intelligence, statistical methods of computation, and ethical issues related to these topics. This investigation of theoretical topics is complemented by the development of skills in a high-level programming language.

Key Information

Key Information

Factsheet – English Language Units 1 – 4

Factsheet – Specialist Mathematics Units 1 – 4

Factsheet – Extended Investigation Units 3 & 4

Factsheet – VCE Application process and FAQs

The study is made up of two units which must be taken in a sequence:

Unit 3: Algorithmic problem-solving                               

Unit 4: Principles of algorithmics

There isn’t a Unit 1&2 Algorithmics; there is only the Algorithmics Units 3 & 4 sequence. However, students must be currently enrolled in or have already successfully completed VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1 & 2 in order to enrol in VCE Algorithmics Unit 3. Students can apply to study Algorithmics in Year 11 or Year 12.

VCE Algorithmics provides students with an understanding of skills necessary to succeed in careers that involve Computer Science and Software Engineering.

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