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A unique feature of the CHES environment is the opportunity for students, teachers and academics to network and to make connections beyond the standard VCE.

At CHES there is an ongoing Student Enrichment Series through universities and industry partners which is designed to provide additional support, enrichment and experience for students enrolled with us.

This will complement the Higher Education Studies and VCE studies offered through CHES.

Our suite of enrichment opportunities is designed to enhance and extend the learning, thinking, and future pathways planning of students through exposure to the latest research and developments at universities.

The enrichment program will be published each term and will enable our students to access workshops, seminars, masterclasses and mentoring to:

  • Support student preparedness for tertiary study
  • Increase familiarity with academic writing and referencing conventions
  • Expose students to innovative and exciting topics aligned to their VCE or HES courses and beyond
  • Build student awareness of research and development in emerging fields of interest
  • Support academic and career pathway planning
  • Provide opportunities to bring the CHES cohort of student together and solidifying relationships

Students who are unable to attend CHES in person will be able to engage virtually in these enrichment events online.

For example, Monash University is intending to offer the following seminars as part of the CHES Student Enrichment Series in 2023:

  1. Enhancing your studies through mindfulness

Monash University are global leaders in mindfulness research and have developed a number of programs on mindfulness led by Professor Craig Hassed. 

  1. Study Skills Webinar: Developing Good Study Habits

This study skills webinar will support students with the skills to form good study habits for the remainder of high school and beyond.

  1. Responding to Global Challenges: Making Impactful Change

This webinar is designed to highlight the cross-disciplinary research and education programs that are offered at Monash University and would be designed to inspire CHES students to focus on these global challenges:

  • Climate Change
  • Geopolitical Security
  • Thriving Communities

Full details of the CHES Student Enrichment Series will be published in Term 4 this year.

Enrichment activities for ches students

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