ches governance

The CHES School Council is comprised of the following members:

  • CHES Principal
  • Elected CHES staff member
  • Principals (or their nominees) of each of the 5 Foundation Network of Schools
  • Partner university representatives (x 3)
  • Students undertaking a CHES program (x 2)
  • Parents of students that are undertaking a CHES program (x 3)

The CHES council has numerous important functions and powers, including:

  • Establishment of the broad direction and vision of CHES
  • Development, monitoring and endorsement of the strategic plan
  • Approval of annual budgets and monitoring expenditure
  • General oversight over the CHES facility and grounds
  • Reports annually to the CHES community and to the Department of Education & Training
  • Promotion of CHES in the wider community
  • Development and review of CHES policies that fall within the school council's responsibilities.

The current members of the CHES School Council are:

Council Executive Officer

  • Stewart Milner; CHES Principal

Staff Representative

  • James Thorn

Parent Representatives

  • Megan Penfound (School Council President)
  • Eleanor Clune
  • Daniel Ritlewski

Student Representatives

  • Dragon Fan
  • Felix Gyomber

Principal Representatives

  • Anthony (Tony) Mordini; Melbourne High School
  • Lars Andersson; Richmond High School
  • Nathan Chisholm; Prahran High School
  • Sue Harrap; Mac.Robertson Girls' High School
  • Tamara (Tamy) Stubley; Melbourne Girls' College

University Representatives

  • Claire McLachlan; Federation University (CHES Council Treasurer)
  • Dr Emmaline Bexley; La Trobe University
  • Richard James; University of Melbourne
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