Establishing a high performing team

We are building a team of foundation staff who are high-performing, adaptable, collaborative, and excited to work with high-ability students across Victoria. 

An important criteria in appointing CHES staff is a strong commitment to cultivating the skills, knowledge and talents of high-ability and high-achieving students, and to fostering a school culture that strives for and celebrates excellence and equity.

CHES implements a hy-flex delivery mode so that classroom delivery, discussion and collaboration opportunities are highly engaging for students who are learning online and on-site.

At CHES our motto is Think Ahead. CHES offers an exciting opportunity for professional growth to staff.

The leadership team at CHES will comprise the Principal, Assistant Principal, Learning Specialist and Business Manager. Other members of the foundation team of staff are anticipated to be teachers of VCE Extended Investigation and VCE Algorithmics, IT manager, AV technician, science laboratory technician, and administrative support staff.

Staff positions at CHES will be advertised progressively on Recruitment Online in the coming months.

Stay tuned for further updates and opportunities.